1. How do I search for a product?
    You may type in the name, brand or category of product you are looking for at the search tab.

  2. How do I buy a product at Philippine Airlines Online Boutique?
    • You may buy a product by clicking on the product of your choice and clicking the "Add to Cart" button.
    • At the shopping cart, you may edit quantity and/or selection of item/s to be purchased prior to payment.
    • You may also review the total price of your order. Then you must input the corresponding delivery information and the preferred payment method for your order.
    • All product selections and quantities are final once payment has been made.
  3. Where can I find detailed information about the product?
    The products page will also contain relevant and detailed specification about the product. This may include but are not limited to description, dimension, color and sizes.

  4. How do I receive my order confirmation for the purchased product?
    You may receive your order confirmation when you have completed the payment for your product. You will receive it via the email address you provided.


  5. What payment methods do you accept?
    We will be accepting all other major credit cards (Visa and Mastercard)

  6. Do you keep credit card details?
    Your security is important to us. You are assured that every credit card transaction occurs within a secure environment. We do not retain your credit card information after your order is completed.

  7. What if I will be out when the package arrives at home?
    You will need to sign a letter of authorization as a confirmation and indicate a second party at the point of purchase to identify the person.


  8. When will my product be delivered?
    Your product may be delivered within 5-7 business days. You may contact Philippine Airlines Online Boutique Concierge to check the status of your orders.

  9. Where can Philippine Airlines Online Boutique deliver products?
    Products may be delivered within the Philippines. You can use our Zip Code Checker to see if your area is serviceable by our partner courier, Airspeed.​ Delivery outside the country is currently not in scope.​


  10. Can I return my product?
    Yes, you may contact Philippine Airlines Online Boutique Concierge. Note that all returned items are subject to investigation.

  11. Should I ship the product back to the seller?
    Philippine Airlines Online Boutique Concierge will coordinate with the partner courier to pick up items from you to be returned to the concerned Philippine Airlines Boutique Partner.

  12. What will happen if the product I returned is not found to be defective?
    The Philippine Airlines Online Boutique Partner will not be obliged to repair or replace your product or refund its cost as well as your shipping cost. Note that the partner may sell new and/or used products and it is important for you to take note of the product condition as described in the relevant product listing prior to ordering the same. Minor and insignificant issues which have been disclosed to the purchaser prior to the purchase and which do not diminish the utilitarian value of the product shall not be considered as defects for purposes of annulling the purchase.


  13. How can I reach customer service if I have other concerns using Philippine Airlines Online Boutique?
    You may send us an email at boutique@pal.com.ph

  14. What are your Terms and Conditions of Use?
    You may check our Terms and Conditions of Use in this page.